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's election, one race has left the ballot box and gone to the courtroom. after the votes were counted, democrat mark haring led by less than 200. now, the recount begins. the northern virginia chief is in richmond with that story. >> the statewide recount will begin on december 17 in all districts across the state accept for fairfax -- except for fairfax county which will get going on the 16th. the district needs extra time because of the sheer number of outlets. noting officials say the workers and machines will be ready. while here in richmond, the court hearing we saw today could be a sign of things to come. cast,h 2.2 million votes and hearing holding onto just a 165 vote lead, the scrutiny will be intense. bigger districts like fairfax have sophisticated machines that can specifically count votes in the attorney general's race. others don't, meaning hand counting. even with the optical scanners, the votes that are not totally clear, so-called under or over votes get rejected and have to be counted by hand. it is not going to be well run. anin court, attorneys gave indication of t
in last month election in virginia. at a meeting in richmond, the state board of elections said equipment was outdated. said it charles judd more uniform process would make counting ballots more efficient. less than 24 hours after announcing his reelection campaign, d.c. mayor vincent gray's lashing out. this comes as the investigation into his 2010 campaign remains under federal investigation. sam ford is at the wilson building with more. is so upset. >> when the mayor announced yesterday he said it took him so long because he was waiting to see what the u.s. attorney was going to do. with that investigation going on and no end in sight, gray jumped into the race but today, he seemed on the defensive as reporters peppered him with questions about the scandal involved -- evil thing around his 2010 campaign. on the first day he announced for reelection he held a conference touting his accomplishments and arguing he deserves another term. >> i want to talk about the future of the district of columbia. i am a native washingtonian. i have given virtually my life to the city. >> rate who yeste
spoke with the mayor. he joins us now with from the board of elections. >> after much speculation whether mayor vincent gray would speak -- seek reelection, the answer here at one judiciary square where the d.c. board of elections is located about two hours ago. mayor gray appeared here around 4:00 and signed for his positions to seek reelection for democratic mayor -- candidate for mayor. 3000 valid signatures must be collected for his name to appear on april primary ballot. >> this is your declaration that you are seeking reelection? >> this is my declaration of getting the petitions filled out. will have a kickoff event in early 2014. the goal right now will be to get the required member of -- number of signatures. >> of course, mayor gray stance all but formally legally accused of running an illegal campaign in 2010. the u.s. attorney is investigating and a number of campaign workers have treated guilty in federal court. one has been sentenced to prison for lying to the fbi. >> why did it take you this long? >> i was hoping, as i have said many times, i was hoping the 2010 stu
prize recipient and was elected president in the country's first free elections. the post apartheid years were unemployment and aids plagued the country. the 91-year-old mandela, who at fault for years to host the world cup, appeared on the pitch. in his later years, he battled illness, in and out of the hospital. he virtually moved to his home village to be closer to his family. waned,luence never hosting a number of visitors, including first lady michelle obama. it also mandela became a living symbol of freedom -- nelson mandela became a living symbol of freedom and the strength of south africa and freedom beyond. has already begun at the south african embassy. hassle fella has more. >> at the south african embassy, a real-life reminder of this man's life and legacy. in front of the embassy, the nine foot statue made of bronze, designed by a south african sculptor, modeled after images of mandela back in 1990. the closed fist, almost signaling victory. he was jailed 27 years three decades ago, at the very spot where dozens of protesters, americans included, who were arrested becau
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4